East Europe Open Championship
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I. How to take part.
For taking part you have to sign up in the thread. Just type your nickname, the number you want and your nationality. You may also send this information to andrua@a.ua with your first race data.

II. How to race.
The champ is timetrial. The settings are as follows:
- Tyre wear: 15%
- Fuel consumption: 20%
- Fuel mass: 25%
- Damage: 30%
- Race length: 10 laps (2 laps for qualification).
Game speed must be set at 100% or higher!
These settings are the same for both the qualification and race.
Every event includes qualification. To be qualified you have to do 2 laps. Your fast (the second) lap is your qualification time. The driver with the second time in qualification will receive additional 0’2’’ sec to his race result, the third — 0’4’’ sec and so on. The winner will have additional 1 point.
Race is a traditional timetrial. You compete only with the track.
IT IS FORBIDDEN: to save/load during the game, modify tracks and car, pass the pits without a stop, using wrong settings and track not from the official track pack. Otherwise you’ll be penalized or DQ.
YOU MAY: shortcut (but not through the pits!!!), change colors set in Car Editor.

III. After the race (as far as qualification).
After making your attempt press ESC and save your race with the name you like. Then you have to press F11 to receive 640x480.bmp file. Please, do it immediately afterwards save the race. Put both files into the archive. I prefer RAR, but ZIP is also ok.

IV. Points.
Place Points
1 12
2 10
3 8
4 6
5 4
6 3
7 2
8 1

The winner of qualification will receive additional 1 point. The driver with the fastest lap in the race will receive additional 1 point.

V. Schedule.
1st event. Tisane (author Strava)
Qualification: September, 21
Race: September, 24

2nd event. Mondega2005 (author Mastrecar)
Qualification: October, 5
Race: October, 8

3rd event. Ljubljana Speedway (author Spike25 )
Qualification: October, 19
Race: October, 22

4th event. Rushmore1.1 (author Pongo)
Qualification: November, 2
Race: November, 5

5th event. Dijon Gare (another genius, but unknown)
Qualification: November, 16
Race: November, 19

All deadlines are at 24.00 (12.00 PM) GT+2

Send your archives to andrua@a.ua

VI. The list of drivers:
# Name Nat.
7 Vit RUS
10 Naq RUS
11 Patte ITA
13 Rayden RUS
18 Krystof CZE
24 GreenDevil RUS
26 Olaf POL
37 Murano FRA
52 Buka UKR
83 Oleksa UKR
88 Tony RUS
666 Pava UKR
777 Renatka RUS
999 Robylu ITA
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